Our Mission
To be one of the most important actors in Turkey's economy by developing innovative applications in the fields we are active in and using the technology at the highest level to produce competitive products in national and international fields.

Our Vision
To fulfill all the legal requirements in the services we provide and to present them to our customers for service and use; To present the global competitive products with the advantage of domestic production to the market

Respect and Commitment
About Us
Without compromising our values ​​and making a difference in every area we are in, we will realize new investments with high added value and to rise to a leading position in the sectors we are in
We do our job the right way, right and heartedly. We make clear promises, we will surely fulfill the promises we give, we declare the results. We continuously improve ourselves and our colleagues. We are honest, transparent and consistent in all our relationships.

We embrace change; We need to make a fall on everyone, including ourselves, in order for the change to pass through the fastest and hassle free life. We use initiative as long as we can learn from our fathers and we do not repeat our mistakes.

Radikal Engineering has proven itself in this sector related to linear motion systems, conveyor systems, machine cabinets, machine chassis, aluminum sigma profile, mechanical products, fasteners.We offer prompt and permanent solutions to the demands of our customers in manufacturing and serial production.With the inspiration, Is a manufacturing company aiming to present products that can compete globally at competitive prices in an optimum cost, timely and complete manner, without compromising on quality and high standards, continuously increasing the quality of products and services, with the advantages of domestic production.

RADİKAL MÜHENDİSLİK Lineer Hareket ve Konveyör Sistemleri
İkitelli OSB Saraçlar Sanayi Sitesi 9. Blok No:44 Başakşehir / İSTANBUL Tel: 0212 486 34 18